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The anchovies are a very interesting addition! A really good roast chicken is such a treat; I tend to just do mine with loads of garlic and lemon.

Interesting method Paul, I'm a big fan of anchovies in roast lamb but would never have thought to add them to a roast chicken! Sounds like a delicious meal, and presumably those chicken bones were saved for an equally delicious stock or soup? :-)

Thanks for the comments FC and Sig, on the face of it, it does seem unusual to use anchovies, but as the flavour mellows during the cooking, it's a really useful and tasty variation of a staple comfort food.

Interestingly though Sig, I've used the bones and leftovers for a soup but not in this case for a stock, although it would make a wonderful stock for a paella I guess!

very informational...I find this educative as well, i've been a very good follower of your blog... all am gonna say is good job!

Chicken, anchovies, peppers, and onions = Salivation galore!

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