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This looks great - i don't think i've found anywhere that does pork belly as well as Sichuan and the surrounds...

That looks delicious - I love the Sichuan flavours!

Thanks for your comments - pity more authentic sichuan food is not more readily available in Chinese restaurants rather than regular cantonese food!

Great recipe Paul, I had Sichuan food recently at a little place in Bloomsbury called Chilli Cool but somehow I suspect their pork belly's not a patch on yours ;-)

Pork used in this recipe is rich in vitamins and minerals, contains easily absorbed iron that helps prevent anemia farropénica when you train, and also provides zinc, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, B vitamins, especially B1 or thiamine as it provides between 8 and 10 times more than other meats. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us yesterday I prepare my family and we loved you for the information.

Very helpful many thanks.

This the kind of recipe I like because it combines pork with vegetables in order to it healthy, because that's very important to eat meat and vegetables to get a correct balance.

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