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This looks pretty Moroccan to me... certainly the use of dried fruit, and those particular fruits, is very characteristic. And what a good idea to use the pomegranate juice. That must add a real piquancy to the dish and help soften the meat further. Great dish, and for 12, it must have been pretty epic.

Thanks GW for your comments - helpful as ever! Yes the pomegranate juice adds a huge amount to the dish, a real depth of flavour and as you quite rightly say a piquancy too! The lamb is meltingly soft - it's a must try!

I can't get too hung up about authenticity. I figure that for whatever you put in a tagine there is probably a Moroccan grandmother somewhere who would say she ALWAYS does it that way. And this looks absolutely delicious!

Thanks FC for your comments, and you are 100% correct of course, there can be no definitive dish of this nature. Please try it I'd be delighted to hear how your's tastes!

wow, canada day has never tasted soooo gooood

Cooking the dish ahead of time would give you more time on the day of the party to do last minute details or relax. I haven't heard of harissa, but I will find it. Another great sounding dish to try. It looks fabulous.

Needless to say that 'Paul's cooking' stood out for me when I was Googling for advice about cooking a Tagine the day before - I've always done mine on the day, and only for 2-4 people, so finding your recipe for 12 (I'm doing it for 10-12) was perfect and I've taken a few hints from you (it's Pomegranate juice & harissa the next time) - great stuff!

Hi Paul this looks good and I wanted to cook it for tomorrow
I noticed that it didn't contain tomatoes ?
Is this an correct? I only ask because all the other reciepies
seem to have either fresh or canned tomatoes


Rory, in my opinion there is no need for tomatoes both from a flavour and a liquid perspective. Enjoy!

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