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As always - an interesting sounding dish. Have you ever tried making the pastry for the wrappers - i'm not sure whether it's worth the effort, or if the shop bought ones are every bit as good.

This sounds delicious and is one of my nostalgic favourites in Chinese restaurants... I always had them as a kid.

Thanks GW - The wrappers are relatively easy to make, however getting them to a uniform thickness is more tricky. Frankly it's not worth the effort assuming there's an asian supermarket within reach!

One of the joys of living in NE London, there is always an asian grocer within reach ;-)

Cool. Learned how to make 2 styles of wontons -- foochow and cantonese -- on my last trip back to singapore (need to work on the posts!) and now looking forward to add this to repertoire.

Your wonton folding method is EXACTLY as my old nanny instructed! :-)

Thanks Wen, hope you enjoy! Glad I got the folding method correct!

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