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This is very similar to what my mother used to cook for us (we being Peranakan), the only difference being that we never used tomatoes. But dang, that does look like a good curry!

And yes, we do use curry powder - and I always feel weird everytime someone bangs on about how curry powder doesn't exist!

Thanks Su-Lin, I have a regular supply of curry powder sent over from a friend in KL - her mother grinds it at home, delicious!

The receipe reminded me of my mum's receipe. She has retired from cooking and has yet to pen down the recipes. So I tried it, Yums! Although I had to used more oil . But me thinks the Assam is the magic touch.


I am surprised and happy to see a peranakan curry being featured on a british blog! I grew up in singapore, eating and taking for granted these delicious spices and aromas, and now I study in London, where the only way I can get hold of some good old nonya food is by cooking it myself(: That looks like a curry my mum will approve!

can you put this into a slow cooker once you have preped it all on the stove thanks fifi

This curry is very similar to my family's Chicken Curry except in name. In Penang we call it Nyonya Chicken Curry. Ummm...

what a lovely recipe - just had some in Singapore and learnt to cook it, am loving ur recipe though and big fan of the blog x

= Nyonya Chicken Curry!

This is a lovely dish. We sometimes have it for breakfast and dunk bread in the sauce. My recipe is a slightly different, not using tomatoes and using fresh herbs and spices. Fresh curry powder is not always available in London unfortunately. My recipe for Curry Kapitan is here :

Thanks May for your comment - will have a go at your excellent curry kapitan!

We returned from Melaka recently and had some of this delicious curry from a place called NAncy's Kitchen, and ever since I've been trying to replicate her curry. We even bought some of her curry powder back to Singapore with us.
Found your blog through an image search of peranakan curry (that image is fantastic!) and tried out your recipe leaving out a few things that I didn't have in my kitchen but it still turned out brilliant! Thank you!

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